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Apple Doesn't Need to 'Pink It and Shrink It' to Sell iPad mini

Posted by Gillian Shimizu on Tue, Dec 11,2012 @ 12:30 PM

pink it and shrink it ipad mini

Apple's new iPad mini launched last month just in time for the holiday season. The 7.9 inch tablet is the perfect size to fit under the Christmas tree and into consumers' hands. But who is actually buying this product?

The original iPad has generally been more popular among men, whereas women have tended to prefer smaller e-books and tablets like the Amazon Kindle Fire and Google’s Nexus 7. But the pre-Christmas launch of Apple's latest pint-sized version of the iPad, saw their initial marketing campaign directing slightly more emphasis towards the ladies.

When I first heard they were planning on marketing the iPad mini to women, I immediately thought of the 'pink it and shrink it' effect. The effect, as it applies to marketing to women, is when companies create softer, smaller, feminine versions of their original products and the result is usually poor sales and a wave of backlash from consumers (ie: Bic For Her pens). Even though Apple decided to 'shrink' it, they smartly opted not to 'pink it'. Astute marketers that they are, they deftly avoided falling into this gender-washing trap. 

Apple's iPad mini with its smaller specs, offers women the convenience of easily being able slip into their handbags. While it was reduced in size, it still retained all the features and functionality of the original series. but opposed to style/aesthetics. The more a product fits into a woman's lifestyle, the more inclined she will be to buy it. The iPad mini is the perfect size for women to slip into their handbags and it still offers all the features as the original series.

On an even better marketing note, they stayed true to the #1 rule of marketing to women - never alienate men! Because they've remained true to their brand by keeping the iconic metal design (instead of covering the iPad mini with purple or pink designs), this product can be used by all Apple fans. 

Do you think Apple's new iPad mini is what women want?

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