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Marketing to Women 2012 Review: Top 5 Blog Posts from Bounce Ideas

Posted by Gillian Shimizu on Thu, Jan 03,2013 @ 04:00 PM

In 2013, women will continue to be an economically powerful and influential consumer market that brands can't afford to ignore. Women drive 85% of all consumer purchases and their financial impact on your business' bottom-line is steadily increasing. If you're looking to attract these lucrative super-spenders to your brand, use some of our marketing-to-women tips and turn 2013 into the year you make more money marketing to women!


Here's a quick look at our top five blog posts from 2012:

1. "What WERE They Thinking?" Wednesday: Axe Anarchy
Axe is well known for its men's deodorant body spray but in 2012, they launched an 'Axe Anarchy for Her' scent for women. They marketed the product to women through a web-comic series but efforts seemed to fall a little flat. 

The overwhelming response to this post proved that while this campaign may have missed the mark when it comes to marketing to women, the power of social media and involving your audience in telling your brand story can inject a lot of energy into a campaign. The strong reaction also demonstrates that while controversial creative can polarize consumers, these 'love 'em or hate 'em brands create great brand buzz. 

2. Coup de Foudre: An Uplifting Experience for the Lingerie Shopper
Coup de Foudre (CDF) is our 2012 shining example of how brands/companies should market to women. We interviewed Christine Hellstrom back in October when we first heard about her business in the Financial Post. Learn why it's 'love at first sight' for CDF customer; how Christine makes women feel like they've stepped into a fairytale; and the secret behind her loyal following and phenomenal business success.

The huge interest in our post about CDF proved to us that the lucky ladies that have been treated to Christine's fabulous customer service experience are the best and most effective marketing - bar none. Because women sell what they buy.

The Coup de Foudre success story is proof that when you treat customers like they matter, you will be rewarded with their loyalty, their repeat business and you will have earned ardent fans happy to spread their love for your brand.

3. Essential Elements for Your Website When Marketing to Women
A woman’s time is valuable. So, the last thing she wants to do is sift through a text-heavy or visually cluttered website looking for what she needs. If you want your site to attract women and keep them interested and engaged long enough to consider doing business with you, use these key elements when creating or revamping your website.

Having a strong online presence, is now firmly on the top of the list of must-haves for any business. Our readers' interest in this post showed us that marketers now understand how critical their website is to their success and want to learn more about how they can create a fabulous first impression and a satisfying online experience to keep female visitors engaged and happy to return.

4. Marketing to Women Colour Wheel: Not Everything Looks Pretty in Pink
Women are buying products for themselves, their husbands/families, their businesses and homes. It’s important for marketers to understand that the right colours can help tune into ‘her’ emotions and buying decisions. So for 2013, maybe you should think outside the 'pink' box.

5. The 5 Pertinent P’s When Selling to Women
Psychologically, women tend to think, act, communicate and shop differently than men. If you’re selling to women, you may want to revise your selling strategy to include these 5 tips to better connect with your female customers.






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