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Top 3 Ways to Efficiently Increase Leads When Marketing to Women

Posted by Sarah Skelly on Fri, Nov 15,2013 @ 04:56 PM

Marketing has changed on a fundamental level, especially when it comes to marketing to women. Outbound marketing, which relies on intrusive and annoying push strategies, continues to be a huge investment with disappointing returns. Inbound marketing, which relies on valuable content to earn, rather than buy, women’s trust and increase leads, is proving just the opposite.

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A quick glimpse at a few marketing stats makes it clear why outbound trails inbound in terms of efficiency:

  • 86 percent of people skip TV ads
  • 66 percent of all US consumers are on the “Do Not Call” list, says the FTC
  • 44 percent of direct mail is never even opened

On the flipside, your chances of attracting women with inbound marketing are greatly boosted by the 79% of online shoppers who spend at least half of their online shopping time researching products. And they’re not just checking out prices on Amazon, eBay or other e-commerce sites. They’re checking out social media links and shares, blog entries, and customer-generated reviews to get advice and suggestions from people who have made similar purchases. Their trust in peer recommendations gives it huge power to increase leads, blowing any brand’s paid ads right out of the water.

So, how can your business increase leads and enjoy a super-high ROI with inbound marketing to women? The top three avenues are blogging, social media and email, and some handy stats outline just how high their ROI can be.

The Blogging Boom

Effective blogging involves sharing intriguing, entertaining and useful content that women love. A steady stream of blogging requires minimal time and financial investment. And, it's one of the quickest and easiest ways to get found by consumers because each blog represents fresh, updated content on your website and Google rewards companies who produce consistent and unique content with a higher ranking.


  • 57% of business has attained at least one customer through the company blog
  • 43% of marketers generated at least one customer through its blog


  • 9%  – amount of total full-time staff attention a blog typically requires
  • 7%  – amount of total budget a blog typically takes

Social Media Success

A generous 83% of millennial women review at least one social media platform before making a fashion purchase, a Netbase study says, and a large percentage may be prone to do the same for other purchases. Social media and SEO top the list of ways to deliver conversions, according to the 2013 State of Inbound Marketing report.


  • 42% of companies have acquired at least one customer through Twitter
  • 52% of marketers generated a lead from Facebook in 2013


Email Extravaganza

Email is king for generating leads, Hubspot reports, with as efficient a rate as social media. Email also lets you reach out in a bit more targeted and personalized manner, inviting people to your world straight from their inbox.


  • 27% of marketers in 2013 enjoyed above average lead conversions thanks to email

 Examples: Inbound Marketing to Women in Action

Women-friendly fashion and shoe guru Jimmy Choo stepped out on Twitter with amazing results. By engaging in geo-location strategies that featured upscale stores that sell its sneakers, Jimmy Choo saw a 40/% increase in positive tweets and messages, along with a 33% increase in sneaker sales.

Chicago’s Foiled Cupcakes was able to deliciously increase leads by implementing a relationship-building program via Twitter and Facebook. They were able to increase leads at such an astonishing rate that 97% of the company’s customers now come from social media. More importantly their efforts boosted sales with a single order for 40,000 cupcakes and a steady stream of sales that continues to exceed forecasts by 600%.

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