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Inbound Marketing Infographic: The KISS Approach to Keyword Research


Keywords are critical to the success of inbound marketing and are the fundamental drivers of online traffic. But, when you're unfamiliar with the SEO [search engine optimization] process, keyword research can be a daunting task. The thought of optimizing your web content to have it appear in Google's top search result pages may seem insurmountable when the results are in the billions. But, don't be discouraged, help is on the way. 

In Promodo's 'How to Do Keyword Research' infographic, the step-by-step process of keyword research is outlined in simple, easy-to-follow, non-technical jargon.  

So whether you're new to the keyword research club or looking to freshen up your skills, this KISS (keep it simple, stupid) infographic can help you better understand the process and help increase your online brand awareness.

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